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Annual Spring Open House

To celebrate your valued business we invite you to join us for tasty hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and fun at our Annual Cinco de Mayo inspired Open House!

Your friends, family and associates are all welcome, the more the merrier!


Kindly RSVP if you will be able to join us.
(If you are uncertain, RSVP is not mandatory)

We look forward to seeing you!

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2016 Economic & Market Outlook

Join us as we welcome back Philip Petursson, Managing Director, Portfolio Advisory Group, Manulife Asset Management for the third consecutive year, as he is sure to once again captivate us with his entertaining anecdotes and concise insight on economies, markets, what to watch for, and what to avoid.  

Philip is a frequent guest on BNN and is often quoted in the Canadian press. 

His vast knowledge of the history of global economies helped us put investments into perspective, and gives us interesting insight into past, present and future. 

Some of the feedback we received last year when Philip spoke was:

“Very interesting, even for someone that doesn’t pay a lot of attention to investing.”
“Extremely informative – excellent, interesting and humorous speaker.” 
“Loved it. Philip is always fun and informative in many ways.”

Kindly RSVP to Sarah at, if you will be able to join us.

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Women and Wealth Series: Estate Planning

This series of informal and interactive evenings designed for women has been created to provide a venue where you can feel open and comfortable learning, inquiring, and expressing your enthusiasm or fears about the wealth management process. 

Please join us and our guest speaker Tara R. Britnell, Partner and Litigator with Hamilton, Duncan, Armstrong and Stewart.  Tara’s practice focuses on estate and trust litigation. 

This informative evening will guide you in some of the most important decisions regarding your family, your plans and your legacy.  Join us as we cover many topics including:

  • Aging and infirmity, a need to plan
  • Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements
  • Is joint ownership of investments or properties with your children the right thing to do to save probate?
  • Wills / Executors and their importance
  • Do you need to make record of what you gift to your children during your lifetime?
  • Trusts – when do they make sense and why?

The devastation that the lack of planning can have on a family is incredible.  Your care as you age, your family, and your legacy are dependent on the proper plan and we are here to make you feel more secure in those decisions.  

To RSVP or for more information please contact Sarah at 604-575-6911 or

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To celebrate your valued business, please join us for this Cinco de Mayo evening (or maybe Siete de Mayo?!). Your friends, family, and associates are welcome, the more the merrier.

Fancy hors d’oeuvres, colourful cocktails and fun are all included. Alcohol will be served, so please arrange for safe transportation.

Please drop in any time from 4pm-8pm. We're looking forward to seeing you!!

To RSVP or for more information please contact Sarah at 604-575-6911 or You're also welcome to drop-in if you can't RSVP at this point.

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Join this group of fun women as we delve into the wonderful world of your finances - this informative evening will have you thinking differently about your investments. We'll cover lots of topics including:

  • How you protect and grow your lifetime savings
  • How your emotions impact your financial decisions
  • The risks in investing
  • Reducing risks in investing
  • How investment returns are taxed
  • Tax exempt versus taxable income
  • Mutual funds versus exchange traded funds
  • Bonds versus bond funds
  • Annuities - most salespeople don’t understand what they are selling – get the real explanation on how these products work
  • How much savings you actually need for retirement

We plan to leave you feeling more secure and educated about what your money is really doing, and how to get it doing more! 

To RSVP or for more information please contact Kelsey at 604-575-6911 or

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Insight: 2015 Economic and Market Outlook

The start of 2015 has seen some volatility for value, growth and dividend investors alike, creating many opportunities if you know where to look. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us as we welcome back Philip Petursson, Managing Director, Portfolio Advisory Group, Manulife Asset Management Limited.

He'll share his insights with us on:

  • where to find yield in 2015
  • global economic outlook
  • market opportunities - where do they exist?

Philip has the unique ability to make sense of all of this to all levels of investor savvy. While some of the lessons remain the same, he will share his views relating to market outlook, global economies, and practical investment rationale. We encourage you to bring your friends, family, and colleagues out for this informative evening.

To RSVP or for more information contact Kelsey at 604-575-6911 or

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