Smart and Responsible Investing - Women’s Series

Smart and Responsible Investing for Women - Speaker's Series

There is something deeply rewarding about working with my female clients. Over the years I have seen women from of all walks of life step forward to educate themselves and take control of their financial futures.  

Last Thursday night our office was filled of twenty plus of these women. Some were young and savvy, some were older and wise, but all of them were curious. I had the privilege of sharing a glass of wine with them, and speaking about our investment/ financial approach. 
The irony is...there has been a groundswell of recent research profiling that women are interested in a different kind of conversation around money. They want to understand the long term impact of overall financial plans and the people involved in the financial puzzle. That’s more important to them than the fine points of financial product and investment performance. 
For us it’s validating. We’ve always known this. This way of advising is in my bones. Relationships and the big picture have been at the core of Insightful Wealth since day one. 
So thank you ladies… for an engaged discussion:  part education, part strategy, peppered with talk of shoes. and offset with laughter. Here were some generous comments you left behind. 

  • “ I was surprised how many terms were foreign to me - very glad I came - I have much more knowledge now” 
  • “ I got a very limited understanding on money. I leave it up to my husband…I’d like to come to future events” 
  • “ Lots of good information Christine - the complicated was made clean and concise” 

We look forward to seeing you at our next evening on June 8th where we will dig into the topic of estate planning.

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