Estate Planning - Women’s Series

Taking care of my family’s well-being” is how women describe their ideal wealth management experience.  A holistic relationship with their advisor, talking about their goals, and empowerment through education are three of the ways that women are looking for that experience to be successful.  At Insightful Wealth Group we see you differently and each client and their situation is unique to us and being goals driven, empowering through education and events, and coordinating information and advice is what makes that difference. 

A few weeks ago our office was host to over twenty women as they came out for an evening of education smothered in the comforts of great food, delicious wine, and friends. The evenings topic was one that strikes a chord with all ages whether married, divorced, or widowed…Elder and Estate Planning.  What is Elder Planning?  Well it is planning properly for aging, not just planning for when we eventually leave this earth.  

Tara Britnell – Partner & Litigator of Hamilton Duncan Armstrong & Stewart graciously provided her incredible knowledge and spoke for us that evening.  Some of the topics included: 

  • Aging and infirmity and the need to plan

  • Is joint ownership of investments or properties with your children the right thing to do?

  • Wills / Executors and their importance

  • Trusts – when do they make sense and why?

The candid discussion, the incredible way Tara was able to weave the education through story-telling, and the involvement of the ladies present made us proud.  Proud to have been able to provide such a special evening, proud to have such wonderful colleagues and clients in our lives, and proud to see that the essence of who we are at Insightful Wealth Group aligns perfectly with what is most important to women. 

Thank you to all who attended, and we look forward to more exciting events in the Fall.    

Check out a few of the images from the evening on our Facebook Page!